Over the past 150 years there have been 3 main categories or types of chocolate available. These were dark, milk and white chocolate. The last on this list, white chocolate, was until recently the youngest type of chocolate, and was developed in the 1930’s. At that time white chocolate was a real sensation because it was a completely different colour than the usual brown chocolate. About 80 years later, in 2017 a fourth type of chocolate came into the world. Using cocoa beans from Brazil, Ecuador and the Ivory Coast, by a special procedure for fermenting the beans the natural colour of the cocoa is preserved, which as a tropical plant is naturally a pinky-red colour. The name Ruby comes from the association between the colour of the gem stone and the colour of the chocolate of the same name. The flavour of the chocolate is specific, with citrus elements. That is to say, cocoa is a fruit which contains elements of the flavours of grapes and lemons, which when blended with the well-known flavour of chocolate produces the unique flavour of Ruby chocolate.

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