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The flavours from your most delicious dreams

Every good story begins with good and thorough preparations. It takes days, months and years of thought and planning for a small and simple idea to become a special and unique reality. The story of our chocolate and its excellent characteristics began back in the 1980’s, another century, but also another millennium. The queen of flavour, as chocolate is also known, began its rise, and it is still continuing today. Anyone who visits this beautiful part of the world will immediately want to taste the finest foods that can be found here. From aromatic lavender and juicy figs, through first-class honey and crunchy hazelnuts, right down to the humble carob and irresistible strawberries, chocolate appeared as a basis for presenting the rich range of flavours and fragrances of our Beautiful Homeland. The introduction to the first chapter began in 2015, when the first hand-made chocolate pralines were created by the hands of the head of chocolate production. The elegance of the form and the shine on the chocolate pralines was a foretaste of what was to follow in 2017, when Vrsna Chocolates came into the world, for the production of handmade chocolate delicacies.

Our preoccupation with all the particular special characteristics of chocolate led to the desire for excellence in every aspect of production. Our chocolate bars are unique in terms of their ingredients, composition and appearance; the pralines are of various shapes and colours; whilst the delicious chocolate truffles clearly demonstrate the care that goes into the whole process of creating each individual piece by hand.

Vrsna Chocolates bring the extraordinary subtlety of chocolate, passing through the hands of skilful craftsmen. From the moment when the cocoa leaves the Tropics to become chocolate, Vrsna Chocolates endeavour to preserve the finest that the world it comes from has to offer. Blending the flavours of the world into Vrsna Chocolates, the aim is to add the best offered by Croatia and to create unique delicacies. Each chocolate product is formed with extreme care and preparation, where our staff take great care as they pour, stir, scatter, prepare and keep the chocolate in all its phases and preparation until it becomes Vrsna Chocolate.


High quality

Preservation of all the properties from the tropics to the hands of the chocolate connoisseurs.


Product of Croatia

Finest high quality chocolate enriched by the ingredients from Croatia.


Fullness of the taste and the refined looks of chocolate constructed by the skilled hands of our chocolatiers.

Finest chocolate

Carefully selected types of various renowned chocolates of the world.

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