Ruby Original

Ruby chocolate: “Original”


The fourth type of chocolate!

After dark, milk and white chocolates, Ruby chocolate is the latest in the series of types of chocolate. With its unusual colour, which reminds us of ruby gemstones, and its shape and flavour, it wins us over at first sight. Through the texture of the chocolate, we can sense the presence of citric and grape flavours.

The reason for this is the special procedure used to process the cocoa beans on their way from Brazil, Ecuador and the Ivory Coast, through fermentation and drying, which preserves everything cocoa possesses in its natural state. What sets Ruby apart from dark, milk and white chocolates is its surprising pink colour. Cocoa as a tropical fruit is actually red and pink in colour, and the same colour is found in the cocoa beans themselves. This chocolate is rightly known as the chocolate for the modern age, the millennium chocolate.

Additional information

Weight 72 g

Product declaration

Ingredients:: sugar ; cocoa butter ; skimmed milk powder ; whole milk powder ; cocoa mass ; emulsifier: soya lecithin ; acid: citric acid ; natural vanilla flavouring. Min. 47% cocoa solids. Store in a dry and dark place at 12-20°C.

Country of Origin: EU

Nutritional information per 100g:
energy: 2349 kJ / 563 kcal, fat: 35.9 g, saturated fats: 21.5 g, carbohydrates: 49.5 g, sugar: 48.5 g, fibers: 0.7 g, protein: 9.3 g, salt: 027 g