Chocolate DarkEST


Darkness and fluidity tend to be very harmonious in this chocolate. Extravagantly designed chocolate joins the most amazing looking bar with the most special experience of the dark chocolate. Trough the 83% of cacao there is typical bitternes hiding while the profound recipe of this chocolate gives it very pleasant mealting finish. Overall this visually darkest chocolate is by itself the definition of an unique experience.

Additional information

Weight 80 g

Product declaration

Ingredients: cacao mass, fatreduced cacao powder, sugar, cacao butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla powder. Min. 83% cocoa solids. May contain traces of milk, almond, pistachio and hazelnut. Store in a dry and dark place at 12-20°C.

Country of Origin: EU

Nutritional information per 100g: energy: 2320KJ / 554kcal, fat: 44,0 g, saturated fats: 27,0 g, carbohydrates: 19,0 g, sugar: 14,0 g, protein: 11,0 g, salt: 0,24 g